What to Expect

Through trauma, karma, or life, blockages occur that prevent our natural evolution toward health. The goal is to remove those blockages or as much of them as possible so that our natural self-healing and growth takes over. 

We are healing machines as designed by nature/spirit. Great Mystery provided us with a basis for self-healing and we must work to reconnect with our innate abilities and develop them. The universe operates on the law of cause and effect and what I do is make (the cause) requests to enlightened beings with, and on behalf of my clients for (the effect…) clearing out or speeding up (as much as possible) the effects of negative karma that we have accumulated through countless lifetimes. I see my work as providing a space where my guides (various aspects of Buddha Shakyamuni) do their work. It is not “me healing you;” it is us creating a field between us where Medicine Buddha (Tara, etc) and his retinue are clearing energies, cutting cords, rescuing interfering spirits and resolving contracts, based on our positive motivation and strong requests. I also teach people techniques they can use outside of the session to shift energies, release negative constructs and bring peace into their life ongoing, to accumulate and ripen more positive karma.

I charge for my work, but when someone in my community is struggling I offer my work in trade, sliding scale or at no charge depending on the person's ability and situation.