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Inman's work is an amalgamation of everything he studies; image maker, energy worker, musician. Student of Mahayana Buddhism, Energy Worker, Sound Therapy practitioner (Globe Institute, 2017), and Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Lineage). After working with various healers and teachers through out his life, learning from them directly, he found his calling was to share what he has learned in the form of Inman Energetics; a full spectrum self-healing system.

Through trauma, normal life and karma, we experience blockages that prevent our natural evolution toward health. The goal is to remove those blockages, or as much of them as possible, so that our natural self-healing and growth takes over. Presence, concentration and compassion are the innate medicines Inman brings to a session. Strong boundaries and pure, healing energy from Enlightened Beings (Buddhas) will guide the energy for your highest good and deepest relaxation, so you can be in touch with your highest self as a foundation for your transformation work.

You do not need to have faith of any kind to receive the benefits of this work. Inman Energetics does NOT replace medical or psychotherapeutic work, though it does support and strengthen these modalities.