Energy Work

Over the years I have developed my own energy work modality. The foundation is my Reiki practice and it has grown from there through my meditation practice and working within a framework of Vajrayana Buddhist Shamanism. I work in-person as well as remote (long-distance). I also work with animal companions.

To augment and aid the energy, I use  gemstones, sacred smoke and special handmade incense to create the atmosphere for our work. I cleanse the space to create a blank slate, so to speak; a sacred space for you. We interact and create a healing field together and this develops as we work for your highest good. In this empathic and intuitive process, I discover what will be most helpful for you and I channel that while I am showering your system with clean, pure energy.

Clients have found this process to be relaxing, soothing and leaves you feeling nurtured, refreshed and often exhilarated.

A 90-minute session is $125 in my studio.                             When I travel to your home, please add $25.