What People Are Saying About Inman Energetics


“ Since Inman worked on our rescue dog Sienna, she is a changed dog. Right after the first session we noticed a difference in her behavior. She was much more relaxed and open to affection in a way we had not seen. Our dog was rescued from a severely abusive home in Taiwan and she typically isolates herself and exhibits a lot of fear around humans and other dogs. Inman's work marked a real turning point in her behavior and she's now much happier and is now even socializing with other people and dogs at the park! ”

–Rhiannon Morsch, Shamanic & Depth Hypnosis practitioner

"We recently had the pleasure of planning a wedding that Inman officiated over. We were delighted by the attention to detail, calmness and intention that he brought to this memorable ceremony. We highly recommend reaching out to Inman for all your milestone needs!"

-Jennifer and Fern of Bon Events


“ I've sat in meditation with Inman many times and have felt his grounding energy steadying me and others during trying times of turning toward fundamental and difficult truths. As a person who is more likely to turn to western medicines and healing, I have been surprised to find the type of energy work Inman is able to access and share has been deeply helpful and effective toward easing my anxiety and raising in me feelings of connection and interdependence. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Inman as an ally and guide in personal development work.

– Hillary R., Technical writer

“ I have been working with Inman for a few years now, and the space he holds is supportive, loving, and grounded. His energy work calms the spirit and soul in a way that opens up deep healing. I am grateful for his presence and his commitment to working in these ways.

– Nai Kaya, Shaman, plant doctor, sound healer



“ I've known Paul as an artist for over 20 years. 2 years ago I got in touch with him about something that had been troubling me for even longer (but not connected.) We talked several times by phone and email, and decided to try 3 long distance Reiki sessions. I've been through Level One Reiki training, but I was not prepared for this! And from one coast to the other, no less. His energy was intense and palpable, and helped me find the exact place i needed to go.

– Richard R., Artist/Graphic Designer

I've worked with Paul long distance a few times and find his compassion to be the key to his practice. He is open to wherever you are on your journey and full of love and light, very helpful. After the session I would feel more relaxed and optimistic and much less anxious.

– Michele N., Mother/Wife

I will tell you that one does actually feel the heat and flow of energy from the hands of this man as he conducts the energy flow through and around one's body. I'm sure everyone's experience of this is different; though can attest to sensing the shifts and changes and remaining aware of them at work long after the session ended, over the ensuing days.

I think what he offers is a valuable addition to a psyche-supporting life and a nurturing of the body's supernatural systems....

Just do it.

– Kile Ozier, Experience Architect, Blogger


What a truly amazing healing session I had! I've had a year of turmoil that occasionally drags my spirit down and comes with unpredictable emotions. And one thing that is generally a certainty for me is that my head is traveling a million miles a minute and I'm along for the ride. But while Inman was working on me I found a peace I rarely get to enjoy. My mind stopped cataloging stresses and worries. He has this ability to wrap gentleness and calm all around and through you. He has a truly magical gift. Thank you so much Inman!

– Rachel A., Project Manager

From hundreds of miles Inman brought peace and healing to a most stressful situation. A beautiful human with a magical soul!

– Hannah F. Teacher, energy healer

Imagine someone creating a space all around you that's charged with the most perfect energy, and then realizing this is your most natural state of being. I'm instantly transported into a deep meditation where I can do my deepest healing.

– Laura S.

This energy experience is second to none. Inman supported me as I was working through incredible anxiety and drepression. This session was paramount in me releasing the trauma that was creating the anxiety and depression. He channels incredible healing.

– Rhonda S. Life Coach, entrepreneur

I've had the pleasure of working with Inman a few times receiving distant Reiki. Each experience was so beautiful, insightful and cleansing. Inman is very educated on his craft and has a heart of gold. He comes highly recommended by me!

– Chris G., Dancer, Energy healer

Paul made the entire experience so comfortable and relaxing. I'm new to reiki and his session left me more centered, energized and with this incredible feeling as though my body was giving itself a hug. I feel as though he really listened to me, and truly cares about helping me, and continues to heal me long distance.

­– Eileen A.

Paul sets such a peaceful tone and weaves in so much presence and gentle guidance into his sessions. He's a gifted healer, listener and guide.

– Brit F. Yoga instructor/Doula/Photographer

Having work with Paul leaves me feeling safe, cared for, comfortable in my own skin and touched by some unseen healing forces. His presence is remarkable, his intuition a gift.

– Nicola B. Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga instructor

Inman is the real deal; I have had the amazing experience of feeling his loving and healing energy. A beautiful soul, I highly recommend his services!

– Jennifer A. Realtor, singer/musician