What I Do

I work in a mixed modality using Buddhist Shamanic practices, Usui Reiki and Sound Healing…

There are several components that make my work effective; creating the atmosphere for a session, the human interaction and the energy work itself.

I use a number of techniques to create an environment of relaxation for you; intention, scent and sound are primary. I set sacred space… this intention and process literally changes the atmosphere and creates a clean slate, so to speak. I use ceremonial incense, cedar or vaporized essential oil to create the scent of the room.

Sound is a powerful way to shift our mind into a different headspace. I will play an instrument, recorded music or nature sounds to further embody the client with a sense of presence and peace.

All of these techniques create a subtle but clear shift in the sense of time, space and consciousness allowing for an openness that helps the energies move freely through our system for your highest good. Now the client is lying on a massage table in a room that smells good, feels warm and safe and is filled with soothing sound.

There is no silver bullet in nature, everything is a process; the only antidote for on-going general anxiety is on-going treatment. Just as you would not get one chemotherapy session to kill cancer and you would not go for two physical therapy sessions to relieve a back problem, you would not go to the gym three times to reach optimal fitness – we practice a process. Healing is not an event.When we feel overwhelmed in life, there is often a sense that there is something missing or something wrong with us. What energy work offers is to provide you with a space where you can get relax, be taken care of and experience our highest self.

We are made of energy. Our energy gets out of balance for any number of reasons and it needs to be re-aligned. The balancing of energy clears away the interference of stress, confusion and anxiety that we are bombarded with daily. By listening to you and tuning-in to you, the energy balances your system to make you feel like yourself again – and often make you feel better than normal. When you come for a treatment, you are entering an environment that was created just for you – a space to relax and be receptive. A clear channel can displace the interference with pure energies and allow you to feel your true nature. In this way we are collaborating on your healing; your part in this is opening yourself up to the possibility of healing.

When you feel overwhelmed, blocked or under attack, call me to see what a series of sessions can do to help you work through it.