Sound Therapy

This is the utilization of frequency, vibration and melody for its healing power. I use my voice, tuning forks, a sound table, recorded and ‘live’ music (tuning forks, chimes, drum, flute and other instruments/tools) to create sacred space, energetic protection and often provide relief from ailments.

A session brings a deep sense of peaceful invigoration to deepen your individual healing process. We are made of energy and energy can be augmented by resonance. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resonance as, “ a sound or vibration produced in one object that is caused by the sound or vibration produced in another. ” Resonance is when a stronger vibration raises the frequency of another vibration and this is the essence of sound healing.

I utilize a sound table in my practice (a traditional massage table specially outfitted with transducers that resonate sound through the table, into the body) with compositions specifically designed for use on a sound table. It is truly a sound bath, where I can play a song composed with the frequencies of ‘Unconditional Love,’ the frequencies associated with ‘Calming Sleep’, or a song that can help with weight loss. I can also transmit a pure frequency that is tuned to a specific organ, body system (your bones, your liver, your nervous system etc; each system is a symphony of frequencies, every organ, bone muscle has a frequency) or the sounds of sacred geometry (cymatics), binaural beats and their associated rhythms.

The tools of sound healing are broad and diverse. The most powerful sound healer is the natural world we inhabit; the sound of a waterfall, or a cat’s purr, a hummingbird’s wings in flight and the Schumann Resonance (the range of frequency that resonates within the cavity between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere is called the Schumann Resonance; this is triggered by lightening, which occurs every 3 seconds somewhere around our planet), being exposed to this frequency can help strenghten and sooth our body like a nutrient that we have been starved of by all the electrical magnetic frequencies we are bombarded with from cell phones, cell towers, the electrical grid and various 'wifi' bandwidths, etc.

These are just a few examples of soothing and healing sounds that occur naturally in our world and resonate within our physical body. I utilize an intake form that you fill out before our session, so I can begin to compose a session that is designed specifically for you.