Animal Services


I love animals and enjoy working for your companion's highest good! I can work with any species on any sort of problem. Being extensively trained by the San Francisco SPCA to work with shelter dogs applying force free, science-based, positive reinforcement training as well as behavior modification and management, I understand canine science and dog body language. I adhere to LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive), consent tests – giving animals choices and respecting their response.

Dogs and cats are my specialty, but I have also worked with horses and other species. This work is non-invasive and cannot cause harm; I do not need to touch the animal to do this work and I can even do it remotely, which is great for fearful or reactive animals. That said, seeing the animal in person, at least to begin with, helps me read the animal and their humans and allows me an intuitive connection to read the entire situation.

I have worked with animals with behavioral issues and have had success in calming both overprotective and insecure dogs. I am very sensitive to the boundaries of animals and am always focused on making them comfortable.

I am not a veterinarian or animal behavioralist and this work should be considered complimentary to any traditional treatment - this is not an alternative to medical treatment. 

This treatment is only done in your home, I do not see animals in my work space.

Pet treatments are 1 hour: 125, US